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Single Line Greasing System
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Single-line centralized lubrication system. Easy, reliable and suitable for almost all lubricants.


Single-line centralized lubrication system is a kind of high reliability, automatic monitoring performance and advanced ideal lubricating device with the following characteristics:

1.     From the point of view of the composition of the lubrication system, double-circuit circulating oil transportation is changed to single-pipeline pressure-retaining oil transportation, which overcomes the waste of power in the process of alternating oil transmission and pressure reversal in the double-line system

2.     According to equipment lubrication point of different fuel consumption, combined into the most appropriate distributor, to achieve a planned quantitative oil.

3.     The single line centralized lubricating device also has a variety of self-control and protection components, the system consists of a high degree of automation, reliable and durable

4.     The system is simple, compact, material saving and small investment.


The composition of the lubrication system

A. Automatic lubrication pump control mode.

1.     An interlocking method associated with a mechanical cycle or mechanical action.

2.     According to the timer decision way

3.     The number of cycles indicator count control mode

 B. Central alarm signal

Whenever there is a blockage in any part of the device, an alarm is issued. The alarm mode can be an indicator light or a buzzer.

C. Pro distributor

1、KM type or KL type distributor can be used.

2、Pro distributor role:after receiving all the oil supply from the oil pump, the required oil amount can be properly discharged to the secondary distributor by the piston order action.。

D. circulating indicator

Reciprocating motion of the loop indicator indicates that the entire device is operating normally (oil gun operation or automatic technical requirements)

E. Blockage indicator 

The role of the blockage indicator is to point out the place where the blockage occurred. 

Automatic overflow indicator: automatic overflow after overpressure of plugging point.

1、Oil gun way

When using an oil gun, a unit can consists of up to 8 intermediates, so a maximum of 16 lubrication points can be supplied. The first is to calculate the required amount of oil bearing, select the appropriate intermediate, and use the indicator that represents the cycle period to indicate the end of the oil. As the oil gun instead of a lubrication pump, so the equipment price is low, can be scheduled to the amount of oil, will not waste lubrication points, It is economical to use in less occasions .

2、Manual lubrication pump way

Use a manual lubrication pump to supply oil to more than 100 lubrication points, use the oil return indicator on the pump to indicate the end of the oil.

If at 100 even if a point is not in oil supply, will feel hard when shaking handle ,such as re-energized pull, the pressure will rise up to 20MPa, The safe valve will rupture when the pressure more than 20Mpa. At this point, check the blockage indicator of the pro-distributor and blockage occurs in a pipe that comes out of the indicator plunger.

The maximum discharge pressure of this pump is 20MPa, so even high back pressure bearings can be fully lubricated.

3、 Electric lubrication pump way

With the pressure switch, low oil level switch, cycle switch and other alarm devices, relying on electronic control box, can achieve full automation.

Electric lubricating pump includes single - line multi-point pump.

4、pump on oil drum

The pump is mounted directly on the oil drum cover, so easy to install, and is especially suitable for the dusty places. Because there is no need to move the oil from the oil drum to the pump, it will not make pump, distributor, bearing damaged.

There are two kinds of driving methods: electric and pneumatic, which can reach up to 20MPa.


5、single pump multi-area grease supplied

This type of oiling is especially suitable for a rolling mill that is hundreds of meters long.

The grease will be sent to theФ50mm main tube by central pump , and then sent to branch tube through main tube, solenoid valves are installed on the branch tube, through the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, the grease can be sent to the distributor in each region, and then the grease will be lubricated.